We don’t have a uniform as such, although you will need to have a black music folder and you will need to buy a red carnation (women) and a red bow tie (men). For our concerts, the following dress code applies

Women: A full-length black skirt or long trousers and a smart, plain black top of any style with sleeves of any length OR a long black dress. Red carnations worn on the left. Black shoes & hosiery.

Men: Black jacket and trousers, white shirt, black bow tie (a red HCS bow tie at Christmas), black shoes and socks.

Under the umbrella of HCS, groups of singers participate in exchange visits with Hertford’s twin towns in Germany (Wildeshausen) and France (Evron), and have visited other places as well. These projects are organised in addition to our other HCS concerts and funded by the singers who wish to take part and do not need to be members of HCS to participate.

From time to time, we have opportunities to sing in smaller groups at events such as weddings, charity events or funerals. Coordinated through HCS, anyone is welcome to join and sing for such events, whether or not they are not members of HCS.

We are a large choir with over 120 singers from all over Hertfordshire. Whilst some of our members have been singing in HCS for many years, we have also attracted a good number of newer members over the past few years. People from all walks of life join us and we share a passion for performing great choral music.

No, music will be provided to you. The cost of this is covered through your membership fees.

Members say that our choir is of great value socially to them… lifelong friends are made and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. We occasionally organise social events such as quiz nights or parties and many of our members keep in touch outside of rehearsals and concerts.

No, you don’t need to be able to read music. However, unlike some other community choirs, we do use music and as you sing with us, you will become more familiar with musical notation. We also provide resources to help you learn to negotiate the music copy and to learn your part.

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